Hoax is an ongoing project exploring Irish environmental perspectives through different forms of publishing.

Hoax is a non-profit artist-led publishing collective focused on sharing Irish environmental perspectives. Currently existing in the form of printed publications and interactive websites, Hoax combines submitted multimedia content with philosophical analyses and contemporary design, acting as an all inclusive platform for the environmentally engaged in Ireland. As a non-profit collective, all money made from sales goes back into the project. If a physical copy is not accessible for you, PDFs of both issues are also available on our website.  

Inasmuch as climate anxiety propelled us to initiate an environmentalist project, the top-down market-led trends in publishing led us to reconsider what it can mean to share ideas.
New ideas are not always accessible and often those who could benefit the most from them are excluded. Governmental institutions claim to support public art but continue to handle operations privately, making themselves and their work known to those with the luck of frequenting particular circles, while consistently remaining on the outside of the popular imagination. Local space relations such as these mirror the global environmental issues we are facing today where the private allocation of space forgoes the needs of communities and further widens the cognitive gap between humanity and the natural world. Hoax is a meditation on how humanity as a part of the natural world, can in turn engender its change through accessible, multifunctional publishing.

We welcome anyone who wishes to collaborate through volunteering, participating in our open-call opportunities or supporting us through our patreon.

Conceived in late 2019 in Dublin, by Isidora Duran Stewart, Irene Mansoldo & Finn Melvin Caird.